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                    My necklaces combine artistry with the intrinsic value of semi-precious gemstones, genuine pearls, nature's coral and shell (not endangered), and precious metals of silver and vermeil (gold over silver). Gems from under the earth, and treasures of the deep! Each piece is created to be beautiful, interesting, timeless, and above all, wearable!

              Clasps are color-coordinated quartz/stone, vermeil, or Hill Tribe 
Silver. Hill Tribe Silver, hand-crafted by the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand, has 95-97% silver, even more silver than sterling silver, which has only 92.5% silver. Because of its higher silver content, Hill Tribe Silver is prized for its tarnish-resistant properties; its lustrous, soft sheen; and its hand-hammered texture. You can feel proud to wear a necklace that features artisan-crafted Hill Tribe Silver or vermeil clasps and beads.

               Each necklace has a gold or sterling silver jewelry tag, and comes with an anti-tarnish square and a polishing cloth, if silver.

                                                     ~~~  CLASSIC, MODERN DESIGNS  ~~~
Each necklace is individually created by hand.
Each design is the only one of its kind in the world.
Your necklace will be yours alone!